Maha governor proves a smart operator

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Soft spoken and ever smiling Maharashtra governor Bhagat Singh Koshiary is proving to be a very foxy player. This former Uttaranchal CM and many time MP, speaks less, but acts quite fast. As Maharashtra Governor, he is going about his job with clinical precision.

Soon after the BJP expressed its inability to form the government, he wasted no time in inviting the second biggest party – the Shiv Sena. But, he gave the party just 24 hours to come up with its list of supporters. When Shiv Sena failed to get the required number and sought two more days to muster support, the Governor bluntly told the Shiv Sena that it was not possible and immediately called the third largest party - the Nationalist Congress Party - to form the government. With his swift moves, the Governor has ensured that Shiv Sena cannot become the Chief Minister of the state. It has to either support the NCP or refuse support. Both ways, it will not be able to form the government. As a result, its dreams of having a Shiv Sena CM will be shattered.

If NCP too fails to form the government, then he would invite the Congress. When Congress too fails, there would be governor's rule and the assembly would be kept in suspended animation to enable the BJP to split the parties and muster the required numbers. If that happens, the biggest casualty would be the Shiv Sena as its MLAs have tasted power for the last five years and are tantalisingly close to enjoying the power again.

Come to think of it. Governor Koshiary is helping the BJP without looking partisan. And he is doing all this with a smile on his face.
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