Struggling Producer Wants Filmmaking Lessons From Adivi Sesh

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Madhura Sreedhar Reddy is a director turned producer who is working in the industry for about a decade. Though he made a bunch of films in his banner Madhura Entertainment, none of them was a big hit and made Sreedhar popular as a successful producer. This year, he came up with ABCD and Dorasaani and both of them ended up as disasters.

Yesterday, this struggling producer tagged Adivi Sesh and tweeted, "Filmmaking lo tuition chepthaava @AdiviSesh bro? We badly need tips from you! #BlockbusterEvaru." It is already known that Sesh scored a hit with his latest film Evaru and became a successful thriller movie maker.

Though Sreedhar posted it in a light-hearted way, the netizens opined that it is better if the struggling producer takes some tips from Sesh and make quality flicks. Evaru is made on an average budget which almost equals to the budget of most of the Sreedhar's film. So, it would be good if he takes some lessons from hit-machine Sesh and makes quality films under a shoestring budget.

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