Madhavi Latha's Bold Comments to Haters

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Every celebrity might have thousands of fans. But they will also have haters who troll them for everything. Some respond to the haters while some stay silent. In the same way, 'Nacchavule' actress Madhavi Latha also has a bunch of haters.

However, Madhavi Latha who is a firebrand always takes a hit back at trollers without staying calm. She recently posted some videos and photos from Bathukamma celebrations. In the comments, some netizens trolled her that she is very short. On this note, Madhavi took a dig at them. "I participated in Bathukamma celebrations in Srinagar colony. I posted photos and videos related to it. Some are commenting that I look short. Yes, I am short. Why do you care? Are you dying because of it? No right? Your mother and your sisters might be tall. Be happy that you have what I don't. Why are you commenting on me? Tell me if you getting any problems with me being short. Else go to the hospital because it might be a sadistic disease and you should get treated for treated for it." Replied Madhavi and continued bashing him.

"When I post a photo you should say either nice or not nice. Yes, I am short and I am dark. Why do you care? If you don't like me just get lost from my page" added Madhavi.
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