MP's not following Modi's policies?

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Modi was projected as the only leader who would revive the great Indian civilisation and save the country from the powerful elites and corrupt politicians. Pm Modi launched Many Schemes which benefitted the people.PM Modi says that their MP's must lead a simple life. An MP is expected to be an ascetic, someone who should devote his entire life to public service but mustn't think of earning money to sustain himself or his family. Given such public expectations, it's no surprise that the Lok Sabha is dominated by millionaires.

The question now is are BJP MP's leading a normal life, we cannot say all the BJP MP's are leading a normal life, CM Ramesh who recently joined BJP has spent 25 crore rupees for his son's engagement. He is arranging special flights for the VVIPs attending the engagement ceremony. One can imagine how much he will be spending on the marriage if he is spending so much money on just engagement. On one side PM Modi says to lead a simple life but this MP is spending crores of rupees. Let's see how PM Modi will react to this.

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