MPs fight in front of Rajnath Singh

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The all-party meeting which was held in Delhi in the wake of the Parliamentary has resulted in Defence Minister Rajnath Singh leaving in a state of unhappiness. Both the MPs of ruling YSRCP and opposition TDP have indulged in a war of words in the meeting.

While TDP MP Galla Jayadev tried to speak about the situation in the state on the AP reorganization act and the Three Capitals along with the behavior of the cops on how they have treated him in spite of being the MP, YSRCP MP Vijayasai Reddy found fault with Jayadev as he is talking about the things that happened in the state.

Jayadev even said that the democratic rights of the public of the Amaravati region were been violated largely and the Centre should intervene in this. He even went on to say that a privilege motion should be moved on the those who have arrested him even though he is protesting peacefully without creating any law and order issue.

The ugly war of words among the Telugu MPs has reached a level that Rajnath Singh has warned the MPs to behave yourself and said that they are aware of the current situations in the state and there is no need to brief them.
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