MP proposes to his over right inside Parliament

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The parliament may never have seen such a scene. In fact, no parliament may have ever seen such a happening. Even as the Italian parliament was intensely debating providing relief to the earthquake victims, a 33-year-old MP suddenly stood up and sought permission to say something. After the speaker gave him permission, he pulled out a ring from his pocket and proposed to his long-time girlfriend who was sitting in the visitors' gallery. When Flavio De Moro made this offer to his girlfriend Elisa, everyone was left shocked. This was something that has never happened in the annals of any Parliament's history.

" As lawmakers, we are always busy with something or the other. We are always preoccupied with meetings and reviews. As a result, we are unable to devote time for the loved ones. But, today is a very special day for me," he said and turned to Elisa to ask her that very important question –" Elisa! Will you marry me?" Elisa was initially stunned, but she soon smiled and showed her acceptance. All the MPs present in the house lustily cheered the couple.

But, the speaker took objection to the MP's ways. He said the house was conducting very important business and it was unbecoming of the MP to have made the wedding proposal to his girlfriend right inside the Parliament.  He said the MPs should not act in such a way that would belittle the importance of the August house. But the lover couple did not seem to mind these admonitions.
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