MP Calls Cop-Friend On To Stage

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Friendship, they say, is forever. But, not always do people show their friendship publically. When one is in a top position and the other is in a normal position, it is all the more difficult. But, Anantapur MP Gorantla Madhav has shown that position of power does not affect friendship.

On Monday, he participated in the official function in Kadimi village in the rural mandal of Anantapur. His close friend and former colleague in the police department Muralidhar Reddy was on security duty. Madhav, a former cop himself, saw Muralidhar and asked him to come and sit by his side. He said that both he and Murali were close friends and made the cop sit by his side. He then went about conducting the business of the meeting. He also praised Muralidhar Reddy for his dedication to the duty. He said Anantapur was fortunate to have such a duty-minded police official.

Madhav's gesture, meanwhile, has come for alround praise. Many people lauded him for what he has done.


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