Vallabhaneni Vamshi's Letter A Soft Satire On Babu?

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Gannavaram TDP MLA, Vallabhaneni Vamshi wrote a letter to TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu while resigning from the party. Not only he resigned from the party he has also quit politics. Reportedly, in the letter, he has expressed his guilt and agony.TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu wrote a return letter to Vamshi's letter.

In the letter, he has mentioned that he was not given any importance in the party, reportedly. He has also added that, if he would have contested from Gannavaram he might have won, but contesting as MP from Vijayawada made him lose the elections.

The political circles are citing that Vamshi indirectly mocked Naidu for his defeat in the elections. He also blamed the district workers for not coordinating him during the campaign. He felt very sad when he was asked to sacrifice his seat to other leaders.
As a young leader, he enjoys a huge following. During the reign of TDP, he went to talk with a Minister directly for farmers issues. In spite of being in the same party, the minister did not meet Vamshi purposefully. This news created a sensation in the political circles, as to how can this happen to the ruling party MLA.

He felt very sad, as even the officers in his constituency did not help him render his duties. Interestingly, in the letter, there is not even a single word describing Naidu or his ruling.  
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