When Sishya Fights Guru

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Till a few months ago, they were like leader and the follower. Their relationship was like that of a guru and sishya. In fact, the leader fought so fearsomely to ensure that his follower gets the party ticket to contest the 2018 assembly elections. They both won from different constituencies. But, today, they do not see eye to eye. They slam each other and hurl abuses at one another. They are challenging one another.

We are talking about Congress MLA Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy and Nakrekal MLA Chirumarthi Lingaiah. In fact, Lingaiah owes his political career to Komatireddy family. But soon after winning the 2018 elections, Lingaiah simply deserted the Congress and joined the TRS. This was done without keeping the Komatireddys in the loop. Since then, the animosity began and both are now at loggerheads.  As part of the electioneering in Chityal municipality, Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy used a pejorative to slam the back-stabbing by his one-time protégé.

Not to be outdone, Lingaiah slammed Komatireddys in very strong words. He warned that Komatireddy was abusing a Dalit MLA. You may have helped me become an MLA, but that does not mean that I would remain subservient to yur all my life," Lingaiah said. He also dropped a bombshell saying the the Komatireddy family was riven by dissensions. It remains to be seen as to who would have the last laugh.
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