Long Wait For Nominated Post Leads To Discontent In TRS

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A deep discontent is brewing in the ruling TRS in Telangana. The second and third level TRS workers, who have toiled hard all these years and have worked for the victory of the party in two major elections, are unhappy that the leadership, meaning KCR, is not making appointments for the nominated posts. Even appointments for the organisational posts are also pending for quite some time.

Many workers and lower rung leaders are waiting for these appointments. But, KCR seems to be in no hurry at all in filling these posts. It appears nominated posts are not in his To Do list. Even in key districts like Nalgonda, the organisational posts are waiting to be filled. Temple committees, market committees and state corporations are lying vacant, but KCR appears to in no hurry to fill them. Many seniors are very unhappy at this, but they are not gathering courage to question KCR on this. Another big problem is with the new entrants into the party. Many second and third level leaders have also joined the TRS along with their leaders. These leaders too are waiting for key postings.

Already there are tensions among the new entrants and loyal party workers over who gets more importance in the party. The followers of the MLAs are currently getting plum contracts, while many loyal workers are finding the going very tough. The simmering discontent is under control for now, but may soon go out of hands and might affect the party performance in the upcoming urban local body elections, say those who are watching TRS politics from close quarters.
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