Loan Woes For Students Who Returned From US

Most the Indian Families obtain loans from banks mortgaging their assets for the higher studies of their children. The loan amount will be anywhere between Rs 20 lakh to Rs 40 lakh.

Several Students who enrolled to the Fake University in United States hail from Telugu States. They were forced to leave America with little or no savings. What's worse is the fact that Bank Officials are now forcing the families to clear the debts as early as possible.

A Telugu Student who was detained on January 29th went to the US in 2014 for Master's from the Northwestern Polytechnic University (NPU). After his H-1B Application was turned down, Friends advised him to enrol to University of Farmington to find a job. He, however, didn't anticipate ending up in jail for 48 hours for doing so. After these developments, Bank Manager called his Father to ask him to pay the loan of Rs 28 lakh (including interest) within 4 months.

State and Central Governments have been receiving appeals to waive off at least the interest on the loans obtained by the detained Indian Students to reduce the burden. If no such measures were taken, The situation will be really tough for the middle-class families.

Telugu Students who returned India in the recent past are in search of jobs in Hyderabad for a salary of around Rs 20,000. That's how pathetic the situation has been..!