Leaks Upset Prabhas Producers!

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Prabhas and Pawan Kalyan films have most interest these days. As one returned to filmmaking and another takes his own time.

Whenever they start shooting or anything related to films, as the stakes of their films are also high, media attention is huge. Also, even the common audiences attention peaks whenever there is any update about them.

Hence, leaks are quite common. Prabhas makers are slightly upset with the leaks, it seems. While they managed to not let any of the key sets or getups leak out but the information about them is also hurting them.

They don't want all of the information to let people imagine too much and hype up more than they have to offer. At the same time, they don't to kill the excitement of watching things unfold in a theater too.

Till date, for Prabhas film, UV Creations have come up with six sets and they re-created1920's Europe for the film. A boat, train and a lake set have been constructed for the film and they will be enhanced with VFX.

They constructed them at Tellapur and shifted them to Annapurna Studios to continue the shooting at minimum cost of production without letting sets cost 50-60 crores more.

Well, they don't want all this information to create a situation like Saaho, where people came hyped up to the theatres and got disappointed big time. Pooja Hegde is acting as lady lead and K Radhakrishna is directing the film. 
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