French Director Has This To Say About Saaho!

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Largo Winch has become a bigger talking point in Telugu Cinema as Agnyathavasi and Saaho decided to execute the story in their own way.

Jerome Salle, the director of the film expressed utter disbelief when he saw Agnyathavasi about it being so similar to his work, he even said that it was badly remade.

He sent legal notices for plagiarism and the makers have settled the issue soon, say reports. Now, with Saaho using same story, he again came into focus and he reacted in a tweet about the film.

He tweeted,

"It seems this second "freemake" of Largo Winch is as bad as the first one. So please Telugu directors, if you steal my work, at least do it properly?

And as my "Indian career" tweet was of course ironic, I'm sorry but I'm not gonna be able to help. "

He did not watch Saaho obviously but his satire of having better career in Telugu and subsequent hurt about the movies being bad just shows how blatantly our makers have turned a blind eye to originality.

Khaidi was inspired from First Blood but Silvester Stallone wouldn't be ashamed to see such a different version. Micheal Jackson's Thriller was inspiration for Golimar song but it got International acclaim for doing something fresh with the same concept.

A simple Chandamama/ Amar Chitra Katha story is made as Largo Winch. If we carefully observe, Raja Vikramakha and several folklore films of 60's have similar storylines with slight difference.

For example, Gulebakavali Katha has similar line with hero trying to find a cure for blindness of his father and in the process, eliminating the real threats for Royal family. Based on this line, Balakrishna made Bhairawadweepam which is far more close to Largo Winch but hero not knowing he is a prince.

 In a way, even Comicaper Chantabbayi has similar line, again executed in different manner. Varasudu, remake of Phool Aur Kante has a 70% different version with son hating his dad but has similar plotline of Dad wanting his son to take over his empire while enemies plan to kill him and his family.  

Did we really needed to spend 100s of crores on such old storyline with bad screenplays twice? Indeed Largo Winch itself is not a big success, so is their any logic behind this humiliation?
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