Mohan Babu And Megastar Saughters Go On A Trip!

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Mohan Babu and Megastar Chiranjeevi started their careers almost parallel. Mohanbabu tried hard to become a lead for 15 years till Assembly Rowdy while Chiranjeevi could become a lead star in 5-6 years.

But they both acted in maximum number of films as Mohanbabu became a highly appreciated villain and he always fought with Chiranjeevi on-screen either as a comedy villain or a plain bad guy.

So, they developed a friendship over the years but with Mohanbabu's comments on legend and celebrity status for artists, they both seemed to be at war of words with each other.

Both their fans had some heated exchanges and few times Mohanbabu complained about being threatened by fans of Chiranjeevi. But they patched up their differences and today, they have a healthy banter with each other than fights.

Now, Lakshmi Manchu on her trip to Mount Kailash and Nepal, got the company of Sushmitha Konidela, elder daughter of Chiranjeevi along with other friends. Seems like at least kids don't have any rivalries between them at all.
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