Krishnam Raju treated many actors says senior journalist

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Sharing about Krishnam Raju senior Telugu film journalist, Imandi Rama Rao shared some interesting tit-bits about film industry in general too.

He said that he knows Krishnam Raju personally and worked closely with him at times as well. He shared that the actor never gave importance money or himself.

He said, " Krishnam Raju entered films as a big fan of ANR and he became a hero. His style and personality got him offers but success did not find his way early. So, many suggested him to go for villain roles.

"He revolutionised them with his looks and made a mark for himself as stylish villain which used to be a trademark in Bollywood films only.

"Slowly, he became a star hero and after becoming a producer, he made films with powerful story than trying to project himself as a star with each film. I personally love Krishnaveni, a movie with Vani Sri which she carried on her shoulders more and wondered how he produced such a film even though he is a star.

" He used to give every actor medicine for jaundice as Film personalities couldn't avoid alcohol at parties. If they visited him for anything, he used give them the best medicine he knew and also, he is known for his hospitality just like Godavari people.

"For Prabhas, he is like a father even though he is his uncle. As he doesn't have sons, he treats the young actor as his son and when his younger brother, biological father of Prabhas died, he took over the father's role in the young actor's life with ease," concluded the journalist.
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