Prabhas Fans Should Thank This Legend!

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If not for Krishnam Raju, we wouldn't have been watching Prabhas today on screen and hence, many of fans of Baahubali should thank the senior actor for establishing himself as Rebel Star.

Prabhas tried to continue his uncle - father's brother, legacy and that lead for Telugu Cinema to produce a Pan-India star. Going by what Krishnam Raju said at an event, people should thank Legendary actor - director, writer, producer LV Prasad for giving us such an opportunity to witness the rise of the young actor.

Krishnam Raju attended the 113th Birthday event of LV Prasad who is unfortunately not with us anymore and he remembered, how the legend's words have helped him to not quit the Industry.

He said that after a movie Chilaka - Gorinka, he wanted to go back to his hometown from Chennai accepting the fate. But he got a chance in producer, Doondi's Nenante Nene.

He was asked to do a villain role and the actor rejected it. But LV Prasad told him that making an impression on public is important than the role and it's length.

So, the actor met the producer and told him that he has some improvements on his character and all of them were agreed by Doondi. The film became a hit and 40 films later, Krishnam Raju started exploring main lead roles too from supporting lead, negative lead roles.

He became so popular that people called him star of masses and Rebel star in Telugu during the end of 70's and mid-80's until Chiranjeevi, young stars wave made him stick to senior roles.

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