Will This Minister Lose By 20000 Votes?

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He is a key member of Chandrababu's inner coterie. He is known as minister for kickbacks and is famous for his diatribes against YSRCP chief YS Jagan. He addresses Jagan in the most derogatory language possible and uses first person singular for Jagan. He is from Krishna districts and belongs to a community that owns up the TDP as if it's their backyard. But, this time around, the YSRCP has put up a very strong candidate against him and even this worthy knows that his time's up. He realised that the tide has turned against him. In a vain bid, he used his minions to attack this YSRCP candidate. He also got many cases foisted against the YSRCP candidate.

But, the latest reports say that all these attacks have proved to be counter-productive. The YSRCP candidate gained sympathy and there was lot of anger against the TDP worthy. The people were also determined to teach him a lesson as his minions were perpetrating a goonda raj in the constituency and grabbed ever contract. All this anger could be manifest in the voting, say political watchers. The estimates are that he could lose the election by at least 20000 votes.

Usually, the biggest victims of anti-incumbency are ministers and this Minister too might bite the dust. Let's wait till March 2 to know what becomes of this infamous minister.

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