A Dynast Family Declares War On Another Dynast's Rule

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Politicians are clever. They mind their words. They weigh their words carefully and think many times before saying something. The Komatireddys are known to do that in politics. But, what MLA Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy said the other day is so contradictory and the confusing. One wonders if he has weighed the words before making the comment.

Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy sang paeons of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With no future left in the Congress, he has now been hobnobbing with the BJP. He had met BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav and discussed the modalities of joining the BJP. He said the BJP is the only alternative to the TRS in Telangana. Well, there is nothing wrong in all this.  When most of his colleagues have joined the TRS, his joining the BJP is nothing wrong.

But, what he said next is really baffling. He said the BJP alone is capable of fighting the dynasty rule of KCR. Now that's quite funny. That KCR is running a dynastic party and that many of his family members are in the government are well-known. But, what about KOmatireddys? Are they not dynasty politicians themselves. Komatireddy Venkat Reddy is Congress MP from Telangana. Rajagopal Reddy was an MLC and is now an MLA. His wife Lakshmi just contested the recent local body elections. Isn't this a dynastic rule? If TRS dynasty rule is bad, what about Komatireddy dynasty? Will Rajagopal Reddy care to explain?
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