See Who Has Just Joined The BJP?

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Normally, the Left and the BJP are seen as arch rivals. Their rivalry is not just political. It is ideological too. Left and Right do not see eye to eye on any issue. Usually, to defeat the BJP, the Left joins hands with anyone and everyone, including the Congress. Such is the kind of animosity the two parties have. But, in Karimnagar, the unthinkable happened. CPI district secretary has joined the BJP, that too in a public function.

Karimnagar CPI district secretary Komatireddy Ramgopala Reddy has joined the BJP. In the presence of Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay, he took the party membership on Sunday. Reddy has been a veteran communist leader and has worked hard for the party. He has always been in the forefront in opposing the BJP. But, on Sunday, he donned the saffron stole and became a member of the BJP. He said he would strive hard to make the BJP the largest party in the state. He said that the TRS government was making mistake after mistake in the state.
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