Kodali Stood On Chair - Botsa Climbs Table!

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Heated debate on AP Capital issue in the ongoing Assembly Session is paving way for never-seen-before developments. Members of the Assembly and Legislative Council are competing with each other in this matter.

YSR Congress Members surrounded the Legislative Council Chairman MA Shariff's Podium to express their dissatisfaction over the decision to send '3 Capitals' proposal to the Select Committee. That is when Minister Kodali Nani stood on a chair to reach as close as possible to the Chairman. Even Botsa Satyanarayana, who is the Senior-Most among YCP Members, climbed on a table.

Earlier, TDP MLAs including senior-most member Buchaiah Chowdary surrounded the Speaker's Podium in the House during the debate on '3 Capitals' proposal. At one stage, CM Jaganmohan Reddy appealed Speaker Tammineni Sitharam to make Marshals prevent such things from happening.

People who have witnessed such developments had no clue what's happening in the House. Both Ruling Party and Main Opposition aren't hesitating to go to any extent to prove a point. Andhrites should be prepared to see many more shocking moves in the coming months.
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