The Man From Amberpet Is The Tallest BJP Leader In Telugu States

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Till the other day, he was just an MLA limiting himself to the lanes and bylanes of Ambarpet in Hyderabad. But, today, he is a national leader who is going to the nook and cranny of the country. Not just this, he is fast emerging as the voice of the party in the Telugu states. He is now the associate of the second most powerful man in BJP - Amit Shah. And Amit Shah reportedly delegated some key responsibilities to him with regard to the two Telugu states.

Kishan Reddy had in fact served as the president of the BJP in the undivided AP. He knows leaders of all political parties very well and knows their strengths and weaknesses. He also knows how to be non-controversial and cordial with everyone. So, Amit Shah has given him the responsibility of bringing leaders from other parties and strengthening the party in the two states.

In fact Amit Shah is on record saying that the BJP should come to power by 2023. Every leader of some note is repeating this. Amit Shah has recently said that he was not happy winning the Lok Sabha elections. He said the real happiness would be when the BJP comes to power in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. He has now reportedly asked Kishan Reddy to give him ground reports about the situation in both the Telugu States.

Kishan Reddy has several advantages. He comes from the dominant and politically aware community of the Telugu states and is well-connected.  What more? He is a union minister. In fact, he was the only leader who took on late YSR through his Telangana Poru Bata. All these are making him the best candidate to emerge as the BJP pointsman in the BJP.