Kiara In All Whites!

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Kiara Advani has decided to not let anyone look away from her as these days the way to be in demand is to be in public eyes regularly.

She is giving regular updates in glamour outfits and different looks. Here, she even dyed her hair in white color to go with her dress.

Revealing some part of her clevage, she has made it obvious that when it comes to glamour dose, she doesn't want her fans to feel left out at all.

The new concepts she is trying out and multiple films she has up her sleeve, tells us that she wants to cash-in on the success largely and we hope she looks at Telugu Industry too.

After Vinaya Vidheya Rama, the talk about her next film in Telugu Cinema Industry has deserted so much that we wish some actor considers her for his next and she accepts it, for sure.
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