Nani's Attack On Communists - PVP Counter Attack!

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Kesineni Travels Workers staged protest along with their family members against TDP MP Kesineni Nani at the Lenin Centre in Vijayawada demanding clearance of pending salaries.

Workers alleged Kesineni Travels had shut down its operations four years ago without any prior notice and even the pending salaries weren't paid. They recall Vijayawada MP has mentioned about the pending salaries to employees in his election affidavit as well. 14 Workers of Kesineni Travels has already moved the Labour Court on this issue. CPI Leaders extended their support to the Workers protesting against the Vijayawada MP.

Responding on this development, Kesineni Nani opined: 'Communists has got a great history but their existence in the country has been questioned now after becoming 'Kirayi Parties''.

YCP Leader Prasad V Potluri offered a befitting reply to his Opponent in the recent Lok Sabha Polls, 'My Friend, Even I am feeling bad about it. Communists who fought with legends like Jawaharlal Nehru have been now in a position to do war against a 'Kaun Kiska'!'. 

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