Kesineni Nani Takes A Dig At 'Jumping' TDP MPs

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As many as Four Rajya Sabha MPs of TDP defected to BJP within weeks after the defeat in 2019 Elections. These MPs claimed they took the decision in the best interest of the state.

Post the presentation of Union Budget, Kesineni Nani came down heavily on the Opportunistic Politicians: 'MPs who quit TDP gave an impression that they had joined BJP for the sake of AP. People of AP realised their true intentions upon observing the Budget presentation in Lok Sabha on Friday. Have they joined BJP for the sake of the state or their own well-being?'.

The Vijayawada MP opined injustice is being done to AP in the Union Budget once again. He went to say, 'It's disappointing to see no mention about funds allocation for Polavaram, Amaravati and other grants under AP Reorganisation Act'.

People wondered why Kesineni Nani remained silent when several YCP MLAs and MPs joined TDP between 2014 to 2019 citing development of AP.
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