Kavitha's absence rankles TRS rank and file

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Where is Kavitha Kalwakuntla? This is the question that the TRS cadres are asking in Nizamabad these days. The dismal performance of the TRS in Nizamabad and the stiff challenge that the party faced from the BJP in places like Metpally and Karimnagar in Karimnagar district and Armoor in Nizamabad district have forced the party workers to ask for Kavitha.

The total absence of Kavitha during the campaign for the Municipal elections has hit the morale of the TRS cadres. She neither campaigned for the party candidates nor got involved in planning the strategies. Without her, the campaign in the TRS lacked punch and power. The BJP on the other hand, had the presence of charismatic and combative MP Aravind Dharmapuri. He had actively campaigned and effectively strategised to ensure that the BJP becomes the largest single party in the corporation. What more, the TRS was relegated to the third position in the corporation behind the MIM. But for the MIM's support, the TRS would not have got the mayoral seat in Nizamabad. Party workers feel that absence of Kavitha from the campaign has hit them hard. Has she campaigned, things would have been different and the the TRS would have given the BJP a run for its money.

Kavitha had actively campaigned for the TRS in the Assembly elections and won all the seats in the Lok Sabha constituency in the 2018 assembly elections. IN the Lok Sabha elections, however, she had to taste defeat at the hands of Aravind Dharmapuri of the BJP. Since then, she has not visited Nizamabad and has taken no interest in the campaign of the party. The party workers feel that Kavitha should get over and start working for the party all over again.
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