Kaushal Meets CBN After Fans Revolt! What's Up?

Kaushal Army revolted against Kaushal causing him of subjecting many of the fans, who spent their hard-earned money for his travels, accommodation and meetings, to harassment. Key Members of the Fans Group alleged Kaushal has committed fraud in the name of Cancer Trust.

Since few weeks, Reports of Kaushal's inclination towards Ruling TDP surfaced. There were even speculations that he is aspiring for MLA or MP Ticket to contest in the upcoming elections.

Giving strength to these reports, Kaushal met AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and extended his support to the Ruling Party. Was it an attempt to make Rebel Fans aware of that TDP Leadership is behind him?

Kaushal claims to be Pawan Kalyan's Bhakt but he extended support to TDP. How should people understand it?