Karthi couldn't repeat Diwali magic!

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Karthi did not have many successful outings lately as his films seemed to be too centred on old plots or Tamil nativity. He ditched that for Kaithi and it became a successful film for Diwali.

But his Christmas film, even though had a universal plot, couldn't really sit in the perfect weekend movie or holiday movie slot.

People had Balakrishna's film, Ruler and Maruthi Dasari's film, Prathi Roju Pandage as options other than Donga from Karthi, his Christmas release.

While Ruler settled as another embarrassment for Balakrishna, Prathi Roju Pandage as become the only option for audiences as they don't even know Donga released.

Donga team did not care about promotions and the reviews did say it had qualities that makes it watchable at theatres, but audiences are happy to go for a holiday or wait for another film.

Well, Karthi might have also wondered why did his calculation fail, even after doing a decent enough film. He just did not find right promoters.
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