Honeytrap: Dark History Of 7 Netas In Hard Disk!

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A Hard Disk in the possession of Bengaluru Police is now shaking the Karnataka Politics ahead of the by-elections scheduled to happen on December 5th. Recordings of intimate moments involving as many as seven Leaders have been in the hard disk seized by the Central Crime Branch (CCB). Video Recordings in the hard disk bear the dates from 2017 to 2018. Call Data, Photographs and WhatsApp Messages in the Mobile Phones seized from the Honeytrap Gang confirm the involvement of Netas.

How the Karnataka Honeytrap was busted? On November 23rd, An MLA from North Karnataka registered a complaint with the Cyber Crime Police about the harassment calls. An individual by name Raghavendra contacted the MLA and demanded Rs 50 crore claiming to be having videos of him in a compromising position with a Lady. Crime Branch nabbed Raghavendra, a B.Com Graduate, who turned into a Cyber Criminal along with his Girlfriend Pushpavathi, a beautician. Raghavendra and Pushpavathi used to trap influential personalities along with Two Others (Pushpa, Rakesh) and blackmail them for money.

Modus Operandi: Male Gang Member will come in touch with MLAs at the Legislators Home. Then, He would bring Ladies along with him and introduce them to the Leaders as if they had come to the city for higher studies and in need of shelter. Ladies will start texting upon exchanging phone numbers and offer sexual favours. Thereafter, Rooms would be booked in Star Hotels and the whole act will be recorded using spy cameras attached to handbags/sunglasses. They start blackmailing the leader upon sending a clip to their mobile phone. An MLA paid Rs 45 lakh to the Honeytrap Gang through RTGS fearing his reputation would get damaged if the intimate video gets leaked.

During the raids, Cyber Crime Police seized computer, hard disk, pen drives, mobiles and spy cameras. They are currently investigating if any businessmen were honeytrapped by the gang.
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