Is Something BIG Going To Happen In Kashmir?

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Is something very big going to happen in the Kashmir valley? Is the BJP government planning to bring massive changes in the article 370 and Article 35 A? Given the recent army movement into Kashmir valley, there is heightened tension in the valley. After shifting 40000 troops to the Kashmir valley, the government has relocated another 10000 troops with the help of flights and choppers. Added to this is the statement of the Army chief that India would bring back the Pak occupied Kashmir soon. Interestingly, no information is coming forth from either the Government or the Army about the redeployment of forces in Kashmir valley.

There are several indications that something very big is all set to happen in Kashmir valley. A few days before, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval has toured Kashmir. This has given rise to the fears that the controversial Article 35 A has been removed. If this happens, the J and K Government will no longer be in a position to decide who is a local and who is a non-local in Kashmir. Till now, using this, the J and K Asembly was deciding whether a person was a permanent resident or not. If this Article 35 A is removed, the attempts to spread separatism and to communalise the politics would receive a death blow.

To ensure that there is no violence when Article 35 A is removed, the Government is mobilising additional troops.  These troops are being mobilised at the airports, radio and DD centres, power station, electrical grid, water supply systems, hospitals and defence establishments. The Government has already prepared a list of the trouble makers, politicians and Hurriyat leaders, who could possibly create trouble.  But as of now, nothing official has come out. The officials are tight-lipped about the moves.