Teaser Talk: Thalaivi - Kangana looks plastic in old get-up!

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Kangana Ranaut is charming as Puratchi Thalaivi Jayalalitha in her younger days as an actress. The single take dance captures the youthful exuberance that Jayalalitha exhibited during her early days.

She was bold, stunningly beautiful and captivating. Kangana could bring that to life. But in the old get-up wearing a fat suit, she just looks like a plastic doll. .

The get-up needs VFX touch up or better prosthetics as it just looks lifeless. Already few Tamil fans have expressed their dissatisfaction about the look.

The teaser if it gets into mass, the fans of Amma Jayalalitha will burn posters for sure. The makers have to go for better turn around.

But they seem to have fixed the release date as 26th June 2020 and with such tight deadline, they may just turn it as is.

AL Vijay even though a good film maker doesn't seem to be really interested in turning his ideas into better films and just look to execute them as well as he can.

Vishnu Induri faced box office problems with such adjustments while making NTR biopics and we hope, he does learn from it and deliver a better film with Thalaivi's story.

Aravind Swamy is playing MG Ramachandran in the film and rest of the cast will be announced soon. GV Prakash's back ground score is good for the teaser.

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