Kangana Gathers Some Sympathy To Hrithik!

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Don't get confused, you read right. Kangana Ranaut going all-out in ego battle against Krish is making her fight against Hrithik look more childish than real.

Many thought Hrithik just enjoyed all the attention Kangana gave to him and then broke her heart in filmy style. She made it appear like that too.

Even though she is a big actress, her ego became evident when she challenged a writer and had an open spat about the writing credit for her film, Simran.

Now, she did make a normally calm Krish to come out and say that he will not wor with Kangana again. The way she said that he should make a film with all who can trust him, shows that the success has made her arrogant too.

Well, hence many feel, Hrithik might have been speaking truth after such relentless assault on his character in the media by Kangana at every given chance.

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