Kanchana 3 Trailer Talk: DOUBLE MASS!

Theatrical Trailer of 'Kanchana 3', the third instalment of Horror-Comedy Franchise directed by Raghavan Lawrence, is at an another level. Particularly, Movie Goers in B and C Centres will go crazy with the overdose of mass elements.

Upon watching the Trailer, Anyone should accept the fact that 'Kanchana 3' is much more powerful than the previous two instalments. Especially, The thrills and power-packed dialogue of Lawrence will hit the right chord with the movie buffs.

Raghava Lawrence have hundred percent success in the Horror-Comedy Genre. 'Muni', 'Kanchana' and 'Ganga' set the cash registers ringing at the Box Office. Collaboration with Sun Pictures helped Lawrence maintain good production values. Don't be surprised if 'Kanchana 3' takes a fabulous opening in the Telugu States.

'Kanchana 3' is slated for release on April 19th, 2019. So, The clash with Nani-starrer 'Jersey' looks inevitable.