Rahul Refuses To Meet His MP, The MP Meets Modi

Is Madhya Pradesh's Congress Chief Minister and senior politician Kamal Nath going to prove a big trouble for Rahul Gandhi? It appears so. One may recall that during a party's soul-searching meet, Rahul Gandhi had blamed Kamal Nath for demanding a ticket for his son Nakul Nath in the just concluded Lok Sabha elections. He had also indicated that Kamal Nath got a ticket for his son despite his (Rahul's) displeasure.

After this speech, Rahul also refused to give audience to newly elected Nakul Nath. In fact, Nakul is the only Congress MP in Madhya Pradesh. Miffed by Rahul's behavious, seasoned politician Kamal Nath sent out a threat to Rahul Gandhi. On Thursday, he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and took his son Nakul Nath along with him. The message to Rahul Gandhi was clear: If you don't want to meet my son, he can then very well meet Narendra Modi. Also, Kamal Nath has become the first Congress Chief Minister to meet Narendra Modi after his recent election victory.

The Congress seniors now know that Rahul Gandhi and his dynasty are at their weakest. So, they can flex their muscles and wag their tails a bit. Rahul Gandhi may clearly have understood the significance of Kamal Nath's meeting with Modi.