Kamal Hassan's Response To Chiranjeevi's Advise

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In his recent interview with a popular Tamil magazine, Mega Star Chiranjeevi had advised Tamil Super Stars Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan to stay out of the politics as sensitive people like them cannot sustain there.

Talking about the current situation, Chiru said that the current scenario is corrupt to a level that persons with a good intention cannot do anything here.

"Politics is all about money and even if someone wants to do something good for the people, he won't be able to accomplish it," he added.

"I was Number 1 and a Superstar when I decided to enter politics. I left films and I started my political journey. However, I lost in my own constituencies only because the opponent spent crores of money to get votes. This was the same with Pawan Kalyan when he entered politics," he observed.

While Rajinikanth has not spoken on this yet. Kamal Hassan responded to this advice and said that

"I did not enter politics for the sake of Victory or defeat," said Kamal.

He added further that he entered politics to bring transformation and enlighten people
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