Kalki Koechlin Discusses About Her Pregnancy Before Marriage

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In Western culture, it is common to accept choice of women to become pregnant before marriage or raise their children as single parents without being married.

India is still not that woke and if people try to say that it is an individual's choice, they are termed lib-tards and people against Indian culture. Well, these issues have been addressed even in our epics and we shouldn't forget about that.

Leaving all this discussion wide open for others to decide, Kalki Koechlin decided to live her life and she is happy to be a mother soon.

She is dating Guy Hershberg and becameĀ  pregnant before marriage. She did fear people judging her and tried to hide the news from many. Even her staff helped her in doing so.

But after 5th month, the news is out and she accepted. On a radio interview, with Kareena Kapoor, she shared the anguish she felt through public outrage on her social media accounts and judgement she received from outside as her family, her boyfriend and even her Bollywood friends are happy for her.

She shared details about her failed marriage with Anurag Kashyap and said that she got into a wedlock at 25 years of age and that might be the reason for their divorce. She shared that she is still a friend of her ex-husband and their relationship is friendship, these days.

She did not talk about marriage but said that whatever future holds for her, she will try to be a great parent for her child, who will be born soon.
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