Kajal comments about her marriage

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Kajal Aggarwal, Anushka Shetty, Nayantara, Tamanna are 30 plus actresses in South Indian films and they are able to maintain their popularity for almost 15 years.

Still audiences want to see them on screen in alam roles to performance oriented roles- anything. But success rate for Kajal and Tamanna has drastically come down in recent years that they see one success for 5 flops.

So, the obvious question for these two actresses more often than not has been about their marriage. Both of them, never explicitly talked about their love affairs or personal life.

Still, they tend to find themselves trying to answer for such questions at most of the events. Tamanna clearly stated that she will announce her marriage or personal events in a grand fashion for world to know.

On the other hand, Kajal got annoyed about the same question. She said that she is still very much thinking about her career and questions about her personal life should be avoided.

She also said that marriage is her personal life matter and she doesn't think that people should be so curious about it.
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