Kajal And Tamanna, "Queens" Are Doomed To Never Release?

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Kajal Aggarwal has a great fanbase in Telugu and Tamil as well. May be not at the heights of Anushka and Nayantara but she has a good following of cults never the less.

The actress has taken upon a challenge in her career by accepting a film like Queen remake in Tamil - Paris Paris. It has no other star value to it, except her.

Trailer of the film did get great response too. But the movie is linked with three other remakes in Southern languages. Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada versions saw no enthusiasm from market.

Worse than that, Tamanna version, That is Mahalakshmi in Telugu has been the most problematic one for the producers it seems.

Even if they want to take a chance with Kannada and Malayalam versions as the markets there are different, Telugu and Tamil are expected to be huge.

While Tamil market is going for Kajal's version well, Telugu market isn't offering a dame for Tamanna's version. Even though F2 did end Tamanna's bad run at the box office, her previous movies tanked so hard that distributors don't want to take any chance.

Well, the producers want all four films to release at a time and as the Telugu market is unresponsive and only Tamil cannot recover them costs, the stalemate on release of the films has become an indefinite and unsolvable problem.
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