Photo Story: Romantic Single Candle-Light Snack!

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Champagne is normally ordered by people who wants to celebrate their achievements with people close to them and a joyous occasion like engagement.

Even couples order champagne during a romantic evening dinner to celebrate their date night and union. But if someone drinks champagne, lonely, the what do we call them?

Well, Kajal Aggarwal can never be lonely with loving family and legion of fans flocking around her. She just might have wanted to taste her success just by herself.

With a candle light during sunset, with champagne and on a boat, as it appears in the picture, that she is in the middle of nowhere in water, it just feels like she wanted a romantic getaway just by herself.

Or did she cleverly cleared the table to make it look like she is single to end the boyfriend rumours? We can't say that. But the picture looks lovely.

P.S: She should have avoided showing that credit/debit card at the right bottom corner of the picture. Please don't misuse het trust.
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