Kadiyam Srihari's Forked Tongue Politics

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Kadiyam Srihari for all we know is very upset at his arch rival Dr Rajaiah being made the Station Ghanpur TRS candidate. He is angry at his daughter Shruthi being denied the ticket. Kadiyam, whose political career is inextricably linked the Station Ghanpur, has always fought Rajaiah in the elections. This perhaps would be the first time he would have to campaign for Rajaiah.

The otherday, he addressed the Station Ghanpur TRS workers and asked them to work hard to ensure the victory of Rajaiah. But, those in the know of things say that Kadiyam Srihari is actually adopting a non-cooperative attitude. He is trying to ensure that his supporters and fans do not vote for Rajaiah. So, on the face of it, Kadiyam is asking everyone to ensure Rajaiah's victory, but on the sly, he is working for Rajaiah's defeat. Whenever he is addressing party meetings, he is asking the party workers to strive for Rajaiah, in private he is asking his supporters to take revenge for delyning ticket to his daughter.
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