Kadiyam Has No Place To Go Except TRS

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Days after news reports said that he would leave the TRS and join the BJP, former deputy chief minister of Telangana and TRS leader Kadiyam Srihari strongly denied that he was leaving the TRS. He said there was no reason for him to leave the TRS and that he would work for the party with all the strength at his command.

Kadiyam, a Dalit, is known to be upset at being sidelined within the party. The TRS has given his station Ghanpur seat to his arch rival T Rajaiah. Not just that, it also flatly rejected his appeal to give MP ticket to his daughter Kavya. Sulking, he did not actively campaign for the party. After KCR has won the election, Srihari has not been given any post. This has further angered him and there were reports that he was considering leaving the TRS and joining the BJP. However, the TRS did not look any perturbed and the BJP did not look greatly enthused at his feeler. With this, Kadiyam realised that he shouldn't streatch things too far.

Now, to set the record straight, Kadiyam has clarified that there was no question of his leaving the TRS. He said he was dedicated to the party. Why should I join the BJP? Where is the need," Kadiyam asked the mediapersons the other day.
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