Kadiyam Srihari's Dilemma: Boss Or Daughter?

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If you thought that powerful people can have their way on every issue, think again. It's not always possible to have your way. Take the case of Kadiyam Srihari. He is the deputy chief minister. He is the Dalit face of the TRS. He is known to be very close to KCR. Yet, he is unable to have his way.

He wanted to promote his daughter Kadiyam Kavya and make her the TRS candidate from Station Ghanpur. He groomed her and prepared her for the big role. But, at the end of the day, KCR gave the party ticket to Dr Rajaiah. This came as a thunderbolt for both Srihari and her daughter. They were shocked as Rajaiah is Srihari's arch rival.

Kavya is said to be upset and angry. She is so angry that she is even trying to contest as a rebel. But, Srihari does not want to antagonize KCR at this stage. He wants to be on the right side of KCR. He even scotched the rumours that he was planning to leave the TRS. He said he will sink or sail with TRS only.

But, with Kavya pestering him, Kadiyam Srihari approached KTR for help. He wanted KTR to take up the issue with KCR and change the official candidate in Station Ghanpur. However, an unflinching KCR is said to have given an earful to KTR and sent him away. Now, KCR is said to be upset with Srihari for persisting with his demand to give ticket to Kavya.

So, Kadiyam is now in a fix. He can neither antagonize KCR nor placate his daughter Kavya. As they say, big people have bigger problems.

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