Bandobast Trailer Talk: Why Suriya...Why?

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Theatrical Trailer of 'Kaappaan' (Bandobast in Telugu) is disappointing to say the least. Upon watching the promo, One wonders why the hell did Mohan Lal and Suriya become a part of such project which have nothing new to offer.

All you get to see in the Trailer is Mindless Action, Unappealing Romance and Punchlines lacking any impact. How could someone like KV Anand who is known for films like 'Rangam' and 'Brothers' deliver such an outdated product? Not even Harris Jayaraj's Compositions could save this flick. This flick might cost LYCA Productions dearly. This Production House isn't able to close the business so far due to lack of buzz.

Absolutely, No expectations what-so-ever on 'Bandobast' starring Mohan Lal and Suriya. There can't be anything worse than that..! A high possibility of this flick joining flop list of Suriya can't be ruled out as of now. At least, That's the first impression one could get after the trailer launch. Let's only wish Mohan Lal, Suriya and KV Anand proves the critics wrong after the release!

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