This MLA Said No To KTR's Offer

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A cup of tea with KTR means many things to many people. If KTR invites a TRS MLA for tea, the MLA in question will be on Cloud Nine. He will feel it as an honour and will jump with joy. It could mean some key post or even a place in the ministry. But, if KTR invites a Congress MLA for a ticket? The signals are clear. The MLA is all set to defect to the TRS. He might be bought over by the TRS honcho. This 'chai pe charcha' will raise hackles in the Congress and the MLA will become suspect in the eyes of the Congress Party.

Hence, when KTR invited Congress MLA Duddilla Sridhar Babu for tea, Sridhar Babu immediately declined and hurriedly said: this will be interpreted differently by different people. He said jocularly: No tea with KCR." Everyone around in the Assembly lobbies had a hearty laugh. Sridhar Babu is one of the few Congress MLAs, who have consistently refused to join the TRS despite the allurements. As of now, the Congress has just six MLAs in the Assembly. Sridhar Babu has been a former minister in the Congress regime and his father Sripad Rao was speaker of the assembly during his time.

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