Etela Vs KTR: Round 1 Goes To Etela

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With one single outburst health minister Etela Rajender has achieved what any other TRS leader could not achieve all these years. He has not only challenged the TRS honcho, but has made KCR and KTR blink first. He has made both KCR and KTR take a step backwards.

After Etela made his statement at Huzurabad the other day, where he gave clear indications that he would not be silent if he is removed from the Cabinet, the TRS went into a tizzy. Both KCR and KTR have understood that if Etela rebels and questions their authority, there would be many more to follow. Also, there is a likelihood of a sulking Harish Rao making common cause with Etela. If that happens, those unhappy with KCR's autocratic ways could join hands with them. This could even snowball into a strong dissidence.

At the same time, both the BJP and the Congress could try to exploit the situation. Given the kind of plans that Amit Shah has for Telangana, Etela may even be invited into the BJP. The BJP could use these differences to its advantage in the upcoming municipal elections and if the BJP manages to do well in the civic body elections, this could encourage more dissidents to come out. Realising all these, KCR is said to have decided against taking a decision on Etela. Hence, KTR hurriedly met Etela and tried to mollify him. Thus, for now it appears that the Etela episode is over for now.
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