KTR Loves Ice Cream! Any Doubts?

TRS Working President KT Rama Rao doesn't hide his likes & dislikes while mingling with the pubic. People got to know how much he loves Ice Creams only because of that nature.

In April 2017, KTR sold Ice Cream to raise money for organising TRS Plenary and Formation Day Meeting. While MP Malla Reddy purchased an ice cream for Rs 5 lakh, Another TRS Leader offered Rs 1 lakh for KTR's ice cream.

The other day, KTR paid a visit to few places in Hyderabad. Surprising everyone, He went into the Famous Ice Cream parlour in Mozamjahi Market. The Chief Minister's Son enquired about the favours available and tasted few of them. This unexpected act of KTR came as a big surprise to the public.

Leaders should include Ice Cream in the menu for sure if KTR is in the list of invitees. He mayn't mind satisfying his taste buds with few scoops...isn't it?