KTR Cracks Whip, Bans 'Ownership' Debate In TRS

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Regional parties are known to discourage intra-party democracy. Anyone questioning the boss is sent packing. This is not the case in the national parties, where dissidence is entertained at least to some extent. But in case of the regional parties, the leadership is almost dictatorial.

But, the case of TRS seems to be different. Several leaders like Etela Rajender, Nayini Narasimha Reddy and even Rasamayi Balkishan has opened up against the leadership like never before. Etela's comments about the ownership have created lot of sensation.

So, finally the TRS bosses have cracked the whip. KTR himself has said that the word "owner" should not be used hereafter in the party. He said no one should used claim ownership of the party and strict disciplinary action would be taken up if anyone uses such words. He further said that indiscipline was more harmful than dengue and asked the party cadres to question the leaders who use such words.

This perhaps is the first time that the TRS bosses are cracking whip on truant leaders, who are questioning the importance being given to the turncoats ignoring them. Even KCR is believed to have sent a fiat saying that the party leaders should not air their opinions in the public. Soon after this diktat, some leaders like Gutta Sukhender Reddy and Nayini Narsimha Reddy have said that the party is supreme and that they do not have any dissatisfaction over the decisions taken by KCR. But, will the likes of Etela keep quiet? Let's wait and see!!
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