NBK Hits Only His Assistants Says His Film Director!

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KS Ravikumar is promoting the film, Ruler and he directed NBK, for the second time in his career. In Telugu, he did not direct as many films as he did in Tamil.

He doesn't have success rate like he did in Tamil in Telugu. But Balakrishna believed in his seniority and ability, before he accepted Jai Simha.

Producer C. Kalyan saw that the combination will unite for the first time for Jai Simha and he again brought them together for the film, Ruler.

Paruchuri Murali gave story for the film and Vedhika, Bhoomika Chawla and Sonal Chauhan acted in lead roles in the movie.

KS Ravikumar shed light on NBK losing his temper regularly these days and said that she shouts only on his assistants but not everyone.

Fans and press persons also witnessed NBK's anger more often these days and the director did not try to justify. He just said that the actor likes things to be done in a certain way and looses his temper on people who are close to him, when they fail to live upto his expectations.

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