Marketing Stunt: KIA CEO As AP Ambassador!

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CM Chandrababu Naidu has found the brand ambassador for Andhra's none other than the CEO of Automobile Giant.

After the launch of trail run of first car by KIA Motors at the Anantapur Plant, Chandrababu Naidu offered to appoint the company's CEO Park as the brand ambassador of AP. 'I told you about it in the past and I am asking you again. I want you to be our brand ambassador in South Korea. Are you ready?,' he asked.

Mr.Park agreed to be AP's ambassador in South Korea. Quickly, Chandrababu Naidu declared that he would issue orders in this regard immediately.

Not just the government officials but people of AP wondered how could the CEO of a company act as the brand ambassador of a state. Can someone like Park have time for contributing to the AP's growth, especially if its not through KIA Motors? That's Babu-mark Marketing Stunt!

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