KE family to join YSRCP?

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Is the politically influential KE family switching parties? KE Krishnamurthy has been one of the strongest pillars of the TDP in Kurnool and has been associated with the party from its inception. The family has been with the TDP through the thick and thin. But, now there is a strong buzz that KE might retire from active politics and prod his son and brothers to join the YSRCP.

KE Krishnamurthy has been quite upset with the TDP leadership, especially Chandrababu Naidu for quite some time. Though he was made a deputy CM during Chandrababu regime, he was reduced to a figurehead. He was incharge of the revenue department, but almost everything was handled by Narayana.  Also, the TDP had taken in KE's chief rival Kotla Suryaprakash Reddy into the party. This made KE deeply unhappy and he has kept away from the day-to-day affairs of the party.

After the massive defeat of the TDP in the 2019 polls, the KE family is now feeling that the party has no future and that it's time to move on.  His son KE Shyam Babu, brothers KE Prabhakar, KE Jayanna and KE pratap are all set to join the YSRCP. KE himself would retire from active politics.  But, this has its own problems as KE Shyam Babu is the prime accused in the murder of Cherukulapadu Narayana Reddy, whose wife Sridevi is now a YSRCP MLA from Pattikonda. In fact, Jagan was very supportive of Sridevi and wanted to avenge the death by making her an MLA. But, KE and YSR shared a special bond and despite political differences, they were on friendly terms. So, this might even over ride the Narayana Reddy murder issue and KE family might as well join the YSRCP sooner than later.
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