KE Brothers To Bid Goodbye To TDP?

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TDP party which hasn’t digest the news of leaders leaving the party one by one shocked with another shocker. It has been reported that The KE brothers who played a crucial role in the Kurnool TDP are ready to leave the party.

KE Krishnamurthy previously held the Deputy CM office. He rendered his services in revenue, Stamps & Registration department also. His brother KE Prathap has earlier worked as Chairman of State irrigation development corporation (IDC) during Naidu’s regime.

According to the insider reports, KE brothers will be joining the YCP party by this month-end. The KE brothers are from the backward community, with their entry YCP party is expected to grow its base in the district further.

Former Deputy CM, KE Krishnamurthy has not contested in the 2019 elections. In his place, his son KE Shyam Kumar contested from the Pattikonda constituency and has lost the elections with a huge margin of 34,804 votes.

In the 2019 general elections, the YCP party has swiped out the Kurnool district and the TDP is left with zero seats. The YCP candidates have won all the 14 Assembly seats and two Lok Sabha seats.
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